Vesting and Priorities of Competing Construction Liens

Anthony Abate


It goes without saying that a construction project involves a plethora of competing interests. There is a lender, a main contractor, subdivision improvers, architects, and many different subcontractors, all of which are competing for limited funds meant to be exchanged for labor, services, and materials. In an ideal world, there are enough funds to pay the full value of all claims for work, services, and materials furnished.  However, this is not always the case and is a main reason why Florida has such an in-depth statutory scheme governing construction liens and other claims to funds.  As such, this article intends to address the basic vesting and priorities among competing liens.

A.     Relation Back Doctrine

The most basic rule for maximizing your chances of getting compensated for work, services, or material furnished is: first in time, first in right. Simply put, the first to record their lien will take priority over subsequently recorded liens. Continue reading “Vesting and Priorities of Competing Construction Liens”